Mooshabaya Title Page

Mooshabaya - A Mashup generator for XBaya

Mooshabaya [මූෂාභය] targets to generate Mashups to describe the composed workflows, by modifying Xbaya Workflow Composer, which currently exports the composed workflows into BPEL and Jython. Though Mooshabaya focuses and uses XBaya as its workflow composer, it can easily be generalized to be compatible to any other workflow composer. Mooshabaya will find the services from WSO2 Registry, which governs SOA deployments, and the composed workflows are deployed into a Mashup Server as mashups. We will use WSO2 Mashup Server to deploy the mashups in our project.

Mooshabaya also can store the messages as tuples, instead of variables which are the default storage elements of the mashups. In that scenario, the project can work collaboratively with the project bissa "Scalable and Hierarchical tuple space" to form M2SC "Mora Middleware for Scalable Computing", where the use case is a common use case shared by both Mooshabaya and Bissa.

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