3 Design Considerations

3.1. Assumptions and Dependencies

Hardware requirements
Intel Pentium 4, 3.0 GHz or above.
System memory of 512MB or above.
A hard disk space of 40GB or above.
A Internet connection with a reasonable bandwidth

Software Requirements
Java runtime environment 1.5 or higher

Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows XP

End-user characteristics
Mooshabaya mainly targets the Scientists, engineers, and students to run the scientific workflows, as well as suitable for business and other workflows, gaining the users from the relevant areas.
The users are considered as having considerable experience in the workflow domain. Users should be able to configure and customize Mooshabaya to function as a stand alone or web application will be needed.

3.2. General Constraints

Mooshabaya generates server side mashups for the deployed workflows in the general case. Interprocess communications can be made possible by deploying the workflows in a tuple space that runs inside a browser. Hence to extend the Mooshabaya to integrate with a Scalable tuple space, we will have to consider the use case where client side mashups will be generated from the workflows.

3.3. Goals and Guidelines

Goal of this software is to provide users ability to model, validate, generate, deploy and monitor mashups in a convenient manner. Since this is a modeling tool, a highly consistent and user friendly interface should be present and this will be taken in to consideration in GUI designing. Mooshabaya extends the existing XBaya code to deploy workflows as mashups, hence the GUI shall be similar to that of XBaya. Mooshabaya shall essentially bring the knowledge from the workflow domain into the mashup domain.

3.4. Development Process

As in the case of most Open Source SOA middleware projects, Mooshabaya will be developed through Agile Process. The design and the development will be done via several online and face-to-face meetings with the team members as well as the project mentors. Hence the initial design will be modified later reflecting the decisions taken in the further developer meetings.

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