2 System Overview

2.1. Mooshabaya Mashup Generator
Mooshabaya graphical workflow composer exports the composed workflows as mashups, by modifying XBaya Workflow Composer, which currently exports the composed workflows into BPEL and Jython. Mooshabaya basically will find services from WSO2 Governance Registry, which governs SOA deployments. WSO2 Governance Registry enables the users to store, catalog, index and manage the enterprise metadata in a simple and scalable model.

WSO2 Identity Server is an identity and entitlement management server with support for Information Cards, OpenID and XACML. Open ID Security credentials are loaded from WSO2 Identity Server to access the restricted services from the Registry.

The composed workflows are deployed into a mashup Server as server side mashups. WSO2 Mashup Server will be used as the mashup server. Mooshabaya is an easily extensible project. Other service registries also can be used by Mooshabaya, instead of WSO2 Registry.

[High Level Diagram(s) depicting Mooshabaya and M2SC]

2.2. Mora Middleware for Scalable Computing (M2SC)
As an additional design decision, client side mashup generation will be also possible for the workflows. This makes the composed mashups deployable into Tuple Spaces, making it possible for the workflows to be deployed into the Scalable and hierarchical tuple space developed by the team 'Bissa'. Mora Middleware for Scalable Computing (M2SC) is the term used to refer to both the projects 'Bissa' and 'Mooshabaya' collectively. This gives Mooshabaya an inter process communication medium, enabling design decisions at the client browser level, instead of interacting via the main server.

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