1 Purpose

This Software Requirements Specification provides a complete description of all the functions
and specifications of the project Mooshabaya.

1.1. Introduction

"Mooshabaya" targets to generate mashups to describe the composed workflows, by modifying
XBaya Workflow Composer. XBaya currently exports the composed workflows into BPEL and
Jython. Though Mooshabaya focuses and uses XBaya as its workflow composer, it can easily be
generalized to be compatible to any other workflow composer. Mooshabaya will also facilitate
to find services from WSO2 Registry and other service registries supported by XBaya, which
govern SOA deployments, and the composed workflows are deployed into a mashup Server as

1.2. Scope

The project Mooshabaya enables to compose mashups, execute them and monitor them via
Xbaya which is an open source graphical workflow composer, backed by University of Indiana.
Mooshabaya use the XBaya core functionalities to generate the mashup. Generated mashups
are deployed in the WSO2 Mashup Server back-end. XBaya communicate with WSO2 Mashup
server back-end while executing and monitoring the mashups.
This project facilitates to compose mashups graphically with Web services, Data services and
input feeds like RSS. WSO2 Registry integration to XBaya will enable to integrate the services
which are published in WSO2 Registry. So while workflow composing via XBaya, it facilitates to
browse, drag and drop the services from WSO2 Registry to the workflow which will further ease
the development of mashups by the developer.
Additionally this project facilitates to data manipulation via tuple space which is implemented by
the project called "Bissa".

1.3. Target audience

This software requirement specification is focuses as a reference for all the internal mentors,
external mentors, and for all acedemic staff members of the University of Moratuwa who are
involved in supervising and evaluating the projects carried out under the CS-4200 module.
Last but not least this requirement software requirement specification is a key reference
material for all the contributors engaged in this project and the project associated with it.

1.4. References

XBaya http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/xgws/xbaya/index.html

WSO2 Mashup Server http://wso2.org/projects/mashup

WSO2 Governance Registry http://wso2.org/projects/governance-registry

Business Process Mashup http://nicta.com.au/research/projects/business_adaptation_and_interoperation/business_process_mashup

1.5. Document Conventions

Major Headings – 16pt, Cambria, Orange
Sub Headings - 14pt, Cambria, Black

Other Headings - 12pt, Cambria, Black

All Text - 12pt, Calibri, Black

1.6. Document overview

The remainder of this document is two chapters, the first providing a full description of the
project for the users of Mooshabaya . It lists all the functions performed by the system. The final
chapter concerns details of each of the system functions and actions in full for the software
developers’ assistance. These two sections are cross-referenced by topic; to increase
understanding by both groups involved.

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